Resources for Curriculum Enrichment


The Boca Raton Historical Society's research library is available to all teachers (and students) for local historic research and tours. The BRHS collections contains a large variety of resources such as diaries, maps, reference books, historic photos, oral histories, city directories, etc. that can serve as primary resources and secondary research materials.
Educators may arrange trips for students to utilize the research library resources.

The Research Department has digitalized back issues of its local Newspaper Collections (Boca Raton News, The Pelican, and The Tattler) as well as its own scholarly publication. These hometown newspapers are available through the BRHS website and the Research Department, located at The Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum.


The Historical Society offers several virtual exhibits on its website The on-line exhibits cover several history topics that can be used to support school curriculum. For example, Remembering Pearl City is an excellent primary resource for learning about Boca Raton's historic African-American neighborhood and its residents.


Through interviews, archival film, and more than 300 historical photographs, witness how a group of visionaries defined and helped develop this city. Hear pioneers, residents, and historians describe Boca Raton's early days and its many changes. In its brief history, this original small pioneer farming community was continually redefined: first, as an exclusive destination for the rich; then as a World War II radar training base; a 1950s family tourist destination; a religious vacation center; the birthplace of IBM personal computer; and finally as a wealthy, bustling, year round city.

This 50-minute documentary has been distributed to every media center in the Boca Raton schools. If not available in your media center, contact us for your free copy.


Lesson plans are available free of charge to teachers or home school educators who want to enrich their Florida social studies curriculum. Specific-tailored lessons plans may also be available upon request.

Hometown Histories: Boca Raton is a curriculum designed to supplement Florida history at the local level. These lessons can be taught individually or as a unit and aligned with multidisciplinary NGSSS.

Hometown Histories: Boca Raton includes A Teachers' Guide to Boca Raton History that provides a significant amount of resource information about Boca Raton's rich history, materials for the student activities, a CD containing visual arts extensions, and the opportunity to participate in a field trip experience. Contact the Heritage Education Department for the teacher packet at or 561.395.6766 ext.107.

The Railroad Comes To Boca Raton

Boca Raton's Land Boom and Land Bust

World War II Comes To Boca Raton

Three Communities, One Boca Raton

Tourists Come To Boca Raton

Hometown Histories: Boca Raton includes A Teachers' Guide to Boca Raton History, providing a significant amount of resource information about Boca Raton's rich history, materials for the student activities, a CD for the visual arts extensions, and the opportunity to particpate in two different field trip experiences. Contact the Education Department for these additional materials. ( or 561.395.6766 ext. 107).


Frank Chesebro tweets his journal entry each day... from 100 years ago! Discover what every day pioneer life was like in Boca Raton by following Frank's Tweets.
Students and teachers can follow Frank on Twitter: Learn more about this education program by clicking to the Frank's Tweets webpage located on this website:


Books for Boca is a community-wide program developed and facilitated by the Boca Raton Historical Society. Corporations, organizations, and individuals participate by underwriting the cost of a set of books entitled A Stroll Through Boca Raton's Early History From A to Z for individual school classrooms or a school library. Teachers may contact the Historical Society to request or suggest a sponsor for a set of books to be donated to their classroom or school's media center. A Stroll Through Boca Raton's Early History From A to Z is an excellent resource for the elementary (and middle) classroom. As a learning technique, A-Z works well with children of all ages since younger children can relate to the alphabet and pictures while older students are able to read and relate to the text. The educational children's book was written by Deborah Marraffino Rothberger in collaboration with the Boca Raton Historical Society. She has lived in Boca Raton since 1969 and has taught fourth and fifth grades for more than 15 years. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Reading (K-12).


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