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Museum Hunts

Explore the Boca Raton History Museum with Johnny Brown, Addison Mizner's pet monkey! Hunt for Johnny Brown's pictures with matching numbers for clues throughout the History Gallery and historic Town Hall. The museum hunt allows kids to explore the museum's exhibits, learn their own local history, examine the architecture, and discover the home of the town's first fire engine, Old Betsy.

Local Groups 

 Local Lore Badge for Girl Scouts
 The Boca Raton History Museum offers several of the activities needed to earn the Local Lore badge. 
 The unique experience will also demonstrate how today's technology is helping to preserve the past.
 Minimum: 7
 Leaders/Chaperones: 1 per 5 scouts
 Time Length: 1.5 hours
 Offered: Weekday afternoons
 Cost: $5 per scout / $5 per adult over the 1 to 5 scout ratio

 American Girl
 Boca Express Train Museum offers an opportunity to explore what everyday life was like in the Boca
 Raton area in the 1940s. 
 Minimum: 7
 Leaders: 1 per 5 girls
 Time Length: 1 hour
 Offered: Weekday afternoons
 Cost: $5 per girl / $5 per adult over the 1 to 5 ratio

Boca Express Train Museum Junior Tour

A great experience for the whole family!

The Boca Express Train Museum sets a boarding time just for kids to discover the past glamorous days of train travel! The junior passengers can purchase their ticket from the Station Master in the 1930 train depot and board the restored 1947 streamliners with the conductor. Once on board, kids meet other train crew members that show why this era of train travel was so exciting!

Dates: January 19, February 16, March 16, and April 20, 2018

Time: 3:00pm RSVP required

Cost: One adult with up to two children - $10, each additional person - $5

For more information, contact 561.395.6766 ext.107 or

Frank's Tweets 

  Looking for a family activity to do together at home or on
   the road? Frank's Tweets is a fun, educational way to
   learn about early Boca Raton. Pioneer Frank Chesebro
   tweets every day from his journal. Look for  Frank's
on to read what
   happened each day one hundred years ago. For more
   information about Frank and his tweets, go to or click on
   our Frank's Tweets webpage.


For more information or bookings on any of these activities or events, contact:
Director of Heritage Education
Boca Raton Historical Society & Museum
71 North Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
561.395.6766 ext.107 or

71 North Federal Highway|Boca Raton, Florida 33432
P: 561.395.6766 F: 561.395.4049| CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS
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