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Josephine Clark. Her husband was one of the early preachers at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Daughter: Dorothy Overstreet. Son: Dr. James Clark, Raleigh, NC.

J. H. Dolphus, founder of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church


Reverend and Mrs. Henry Clark

Ebenezer Baptist Church
“The oldest church in Pearl City is Ebenezer, a Baptist Church which was organized the third Sunday in November 1918. The Reverend J. H. Dolphus, he organized it, and that church started out over where that service station is on 10th. Then it moved from there to 11th and then from 11th over to 12th. Everybody brought his or her food to the church and we used to stay long as we wanted. When we got finished we would all go out, spread all the food out, and just help ourselves.”

“The church, in terms of keeping the community together, was very important… . We went to Sunday school, we went to church.”

“We were all close because we had two churches in here, Ebenezer Baptist Church and Macedonia. We called everybody Baptist Methodist or Methodist Baptist. The first and third Sunday we went to Ebenezer, the second and fourth we went to Macedonia and that’s how we operated for years and years. So you learned how to sing the song their way and they learned how to sing it our way. On certain Sundays one church would be closed down, and we would all be at the other church.”

Pearl City designation meeting was held in May 1997.

Postcard photo of Deerfield Beach camp meeting in 1911.

Macedonia A.M.E. Church
  "At church we had different parties, what you call box parties. Well, at box parties, ladies would fit the boxes and make them all beautiful, decorate the boxes. they would put them on the table. The men would pay a $1.00 or whatever they bid for that particular box. Sometimes they didn't know whose box it was. They would get this box and the two would sit at a table and eat from this box."

A Black Baptism in Hillsboro River, early 1900s.
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