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Pioneer Kids & You

After Flagler's railroad arrived in 1895, more and more settlers began to trickle into the area - a sheer wilderness! How was their everyday life different from our everyday life today? This interactive in-house field trip allows students to explore our first "modern" residents (pioneers) to the area. What was school like for the pioneer children? How did they play? What did they eat? Students will examine photos from    the Boca Raton Historical Society archives as well as maps, diary entries, and artifacts (aka "thing-a-ma-jigs"!)

Grades: K - 1st - 2nd or 4th

Minimum per group: 15 students

Time Length: 35 minutes (K-2nd) / 45 minutes (4th)

Subject Area: K-2: Social Studies / Math
                        3rd - 5th: Social Studies / Language Arts / Math

Location: Classroom

Contact: Director of Heritage Education  | | 561.395.6766 x107