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Ever think about what life must have been like in Boca Raton 100 years ago? Now, you can learn about early Boca Raton by following pioneer Frank Chesebro on Twitter. "Frank" will tweet his day's activities at the end of his day - from 100 years ago! How do you think his day will compare to your day? You can follow Frank on

Frank Howard Chesebro came to Boca Raton with his family in 1903 to escape the cold Michigan winters. A fruit grower and nurseryman, he decided to try his hand at pineapple raising. He built a homestead near today's Dixie highway south of Camino Real. Accompanying Frank were his wife Nettie, son Harry, and daughters Ruth and Esther. Harry was already twenty-one, and the girls were teenagers when they arrived. Son Allen stayed behind in Michigan to run the family property.

Mr. Chesebro was the principle employer in the town's earliest era. Two of his main crops were pineapples (pines) and tomatoes; but he grew many others as well since farming was literally a full time job in South Florida.

Frank Chesebro took an active role in shaping the community, which became Boca Raton. He kept a meticulous diary of daily activities, primarily farming, from his arrival in 1903 until his death in 1936.

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