1909 Boca Raton

          BOCA RATON


   Boca Raton
   pioneer Frank
   Chesebro settled
   in Boca
Raton in
   late 1903. Here
   he poses for a
   photo amidst his
   banana crop in
   this undated 

Jan 1

Rained in morn. N[ettie] R[uth] & I to beach. Caught 1 cavalle [crevalle jack?], 13 lbs. To D[eerfield] in eve. [Nettie is Mrs. Frank Chesebro; Ruth is their daughter.]


Frank's wife Nettie enjoys a boat ride on the Hillsborough River (now Hillsboro Canal) near the Florida East Coast Canal (now Intracoastal) sometime between 1904-1910. 


Jan 2 Drizzled. R[eid]& Joe at onions. I plowed a little. [possibly William J. Reed, African American farm laborer; don’t know Joe’s last name]
Jan 3

Long’s children. Walk girls here. [George A. Long of Boca Raton was, land agent, commissary manager, and postmaster. He moved his family to Boca in 1902.]


George A. Long came to Boca Raton with his wife Catherine in 1902. He served as land agent, commissary manager, and postmaster and eventually the city's first mayor.
Jan 4 Joe sprayed cabbage with brine. Made plank walk to boat.
Jan 5 Plowed out middle of E[dgecomb]'s tomatoes. Reid picked some pines
[pineapples]. Rained in P.M. [Timothy Edgecomb, an African American farm laborer]
Jan 6 Picked pines 19 crates. Plowed at canal.
   This view shows pineapples (pines) 
   growing in front of the Chesebro home
   located south of Camino Real
   and just east of the FEC Railway 
   tracks ca. 1904
Jan 7 Reid & Joe made new road to canal. I plowed S[outh] of big shack.
Jan 8 Ruth dragged where I plowed. Reid, Joe & I fertilized & scuffled [hoed] peppers. Also bananas.
Jan 9 R[eid] & Joe fertilized & scuffled cabbage. I plowed on Lewis piece. [Frank S. Lewis was T. M. Rickard’s Philadelphia business partner. Rickards was a surveyor and land agent for the FEC railway and the first white resident of Boca. In 1906 he moved to North Carolina but still owned land here.]
Jan 10 Got 9 new records. To Raulerson's in eve[ning]. [family of Burt Raulerson, Boca Raton farmer, who arrived in Boca in 1903.]
Burt and Annie Raulerson
 sit for a picture with their
 daughter Myrtle Lee in front
 of Chesebro's house
 in 1911.
Jan 11
Reid in cabbages. I plowed. Joe helping bury Huntlys' kid. [James or Jim Huntley, African American laborer; “kid” probably refers to his goat.]
Jan 12
R[eid] & Joe finished cabbage. N[ettie]. & Ruth dusted them with lime & P[aris] Green. I dragged & plowed for E[dgecomb]. [Paris green was a popular inorganic pesticide at the time.]
Jan 13
Joe plowed & dragged for Combs. I helped N[ettie] & R[uth] fertilize their tomato ground on Lewis piece. Reid weeded onions. [Burch A. Combs, Boca Raton farmer]
Jan 14
Over W[est] of D[eerfield] I plowed for Anderson. Broke evener [plow part] R[eid] & Joe at onions. [John or A.J. Anderson, both African American farm laborers].
Jan 15
Rainy most of the day. Fertilized & scuffled onions.
Jan 16
To Delray. Took 33 doz. eggs. Brought home 50 cabbage crates. R[eid] & J[oe] finished onions. I cleaned ditch along canal bank.
Jan 17
Mr. & Mrs. Cromer here, new owners at Deerfield.
Jan 18
Planted beans on Lewis piece. Burpees Long Green Pole. 15 1/2 rows next to peppers. Roberts picked beans the first. 22 bushels.
Jan 19
Reid & Joe planted beans in N. W. corner of Lewis piece. N[ettie], R[uth] & I set out tomatoes in same field. Roberts had 24 bushels bean and he didn't get off.
Jan 20
Set out tomatoes all the plants we had. Reid & Joe picked pines. Plowed some for Roberts.
Jan 21
Plowed out middle for Roberts. Ruth planted rest of her 2 acres. Got plants of E[dgecomb]. Packed 11 crates pines. R[eid] & Joe fertilized.
Jan 22

R[eid] & Joe fertilized & scuffled pines. I plowed for E[dgecomb] east of his beans. Rumpus in Deerfield. Scott, Horn[e], Jackson etc. Took Anderson some fertilizer in eve[ning]. [Possibly Jack Horne, a white Deerfield farmer and Thomas Jackson, an African American farm laborer. There were three Scotts listed on the 1910 Deerfield census and it is not clear who is meant here.]

Jan 23
R[eid] & J[oe] salted cabbages & scuffled pines. Took compost to canal. Shipped 6 crates pines.
Jan 24
Set out some carissas [natal plums, grown for their fruit] in nursery rows.
Jan 25
Planted Irish potatoes S[outh] of shack. Plowed some for E[dgecomb]. Reid & Joe scuffled pines & doped [applied pesticides]cabbages.
Jan 26
Planted potatoes. R[eid] & Joe helping Anderson

   An unidentified farmer poses
   with his crop of Irish potatoes
   grown in Boca Ratone,
   ca. mid 1910s.

Jan 27
Finished potatoes. Packet pines, 11 crates. R[eid] & Joe with Anderson yet. Edgecomb to Miami. Witness in Horn[e]’s case.
Jan 28
Fertilized Ruth’s tomatoes. Reid & Joe did same to peppers.
Jan 29
Same as yesterday except R[eid] & J[oe] got from peppers to onions.
E[dgecomb] picked beans, 68 baskets, R. had 22.
Jan 30
Plowed some for Roberts. Got off his beans & some pines. R[eid] & Joe finished onions. Dusted cabbages. Cold N. W. wind which kept up all night.
Jan 31
41 [degrees] in morn[ing]. Covered tomatoes & peppers in P.M. Beans after dark. 28 at canal 8 to 9 P.M. 29 to 10. 34 & 35 rest of night. Nothing at canal hurt much but &c oldest tomatoes. Pines froze some--about half. Blooms out too far.
Feb 1
Cleared out row shack & filed in pineapple crates. Chored [did chores] etc.R[eid] picked beans 26 baskets. Took Combs a load of poles in the eve[ning]. R[eid] & J[oe] 6 h[ou]rs.
Feb 2
Unloaded pineapple fertilizer from car. Uncovered peppers & tomatoes.
Feb 3
Uncovered beans. Fertilized pines. R[eid] & J[oe] 9 h[ou]rs
Feb 4
R[eid] & J[oe] fertilized pines. I drew compost, etc. To canal & got crate stuff from car.
Feb 5
Drew crate stuff N[ettie] & R[uth] helped. Reid & Joe at pines. Edgecomb had 11 baskets beans.
Feb 6
Finished crate hauling by 10. Got bean vines and cabbage for cow. The last of the darkies beans. 11 baskets. [Cows and other livestock were fairly rare in the early pioneer era in South Florida because of the pest problem. Darkies refers to the African American farm workers.]
Early South Florida pioneers believed livestock could not handle the harsh climate and pests of the region, so cows were a relative rarity. Frank Chesebro did in fact own a cow, possible the one pictured here.
Feb 7
Longs & Maguires here. Got a load of Para grass. [Para grass is a forage grass. The E.J. Maguires seemed to owned property near T.M. Rickards first house on the Intracoastal, near the current Palmetto Park Road bridge, but they are not listed on the 1910 census or other pioneer memories. Frank listed a Palm Beach post office box for Maguire in a previous diary.]
Feb 8
Men fertilized Jack's pines. I cut young pines, etc. [Jack is Frank Chesebro’s brother.]
Feb 9
Cut young pines. Scuffled paths. Reid finished bean vines on Edgecomb. Sent 4 crates pines to Montgomery.
Feb 10
Unloaded car of fertilizer 10 tons in 3 1/2 h[ou]rs. Joe finished young pines. Reid pulled beans. N[ettie] & R[uth] & I transplanted tomato plants in P.M.
Feb 11
R[eid] & Joe pulled rest of beans. N[ettie] & R[uth] & I fertilized peppers & beans. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning]. Cow sick, too much cabbage.
Feb 12
To Delray 46 dozen eggs. Sold them to McRae and Zill. Got new small wagon box. Reid scuffled. Joe laid up.
Feb 13
Reid scuffled. Fer[tilized] beans & R[uth]'s tomatoes. Roberts had 7 baskets beans.
Feb 14
Raulerson here. Wrote to Jack. Windy nearly all the month.
Feb 15
Drew in bean vines. Men scuffled pines. Rained a little in night.
Feb 16
Rainy. Men came at 7. Scuffled. N[ettie] & R[uth] & I fer[tilized] tomatoes. Got wet coming home.
Feb 17
Finished tomatoes. Over to Anderson’s. Took fer[tilizer] 8 sacks. Men picked pines.
Feb 18
Packed & shipped 20 crates pines to Norfolk. Joe sprayed Ruth's tomatoes. Reid scuffled Bells [peppers]. 14 crates tomatoes for Combs.
Feb 19
Reid & Joe weeded switch grass patch W[est] of Combs shack. I plowed out some neddles [nettles] for Edgecomb. Roberts & E[dgecomb] picked tomatoes, the first. [Switch grass is a forage grass or ground cover.]
Feb 20
Reid & Joe grubbed switch grass. Jack & Herman, Edgecomb helped. Drew grass up on road from barn to rock road.
Feb 21
Over to Braley's in A.M. and B's & Long's children over here in P.M. [A. Braley was a Boca Raton carpenter]
Katie (Mrs. George) Long guides young Vinton Long (born in 1909)somewhere near the East Coast Canal. Note young Vinton's long
hair, cap, and "Fauntleroy" outfit.
Feb 22 Shipped pines, 11 crates. Grubbed grass. Hauled some. Fertilized beans.
Feb 23 Hauled off switch grass. 18 loads. Joe & Reid & E[dgecomb] boys.
Feb 24 Plowed some for Anderson. 1 acre & 1/4 acre for Wilder. Got hay of Saxon [?]. [There were three men named Saxon listed in the 1910 Deerfield census, one of whom owned a retail market.]
Feb 25 Fertilized Ruth's tomatoes. Joe plowed my patch by Combs. Reid & E[dgecomb] boys worked in Irish potatoes, etc.
Feb 26 Joe here & dragged. Reid & boys making road west of D[eerfield] across cypress slough. To station with Robert's tomatoes & Combs a load. Picked peppers the first. 4 baskets. [Station refers to the Florida East Coast freight depot, a wooden structure then located just east of the tracks and just north of Palmetto Park Road.]
Young Seminole women can be seen walking around the corner
of the original Boca Raton railway depot, located just north of Palmetto Park Road, ca. 1910s.
Feb 27 To station with Edgecomb's tomatoes 13 crates. Set out plants in the switch grass acre. Fertilized R[uth]'s [tomato] crop some more.
Feb 28 To the beach. On up to Maguire's "farm" near Rickard's old landing [T.M. Rickard’s first house was on the east side of the Intracoastal just south of today’s Palmetto Park Road bridge]
This view of the Intracoastal Canal
looking south towards Lake Boca
Raton shows T.M. Rickards’ landing
at left. Chesebro reported the
Maguires owned property near here
in 1909.
March 1
Fertilized rest of R[uth]'s tomatoes & took a ton of fertilizer to Anderson. Reid & Joe finished bananas & began on orange trees, etc.
March 2
Took a load of switch grass over to cypress slough. Rained a heap in P.M. N[ettie] & R[uth] & I set out plants in bean patch 900.
March 3
Drew 2 loads of grass over the river. Joe over there. R[eid] at orange trees. [The Hillsborough River became the El Rio and Hillsboro Canals ca. 1912.]
March 4
Drew 2 loads of grass. Reid over there. Cold all night. To canal twice. 35 [degrees] at home, 38 at canal. No damage.
March 5
Took 1 load of grass. To Delray with 1 horse. Joe spraying R[uth]'s tomatoes. 2 days 3 tbl [?] dope.
March 6
Took 2 loads grass. Reid been fertilizing orange & other trees. Joe helping N[ettie] & R[uth] prune tomatoes.
March 7
Darkies here to have photos taken. Mrs. Purdom & children here. [The Perry Purdom family arrived in Boca Raton in 1905.]

  This photo from the Chesebro collection shows
  Frank’s African American employees; unfortunately
  none are identified. This image could be one of
  those referred to in his March 7th diary entry of 1909.

    The Purdom family ca. 1908.
    Left to right: Harry; Eula; Florence (mom);
   Ernestine (baby); Perry (dad);Thelma; 
   Viola; Jewel.

March 8
Took A[nderson] a load of crates & same to Roberts. 2 loads to station for Combs, 31 & 34. N[ettie] & R[uth] picked peppers. Reid & Joe trimmed grape vines.
March 9
Two loads to station for Roberts, 58 peppers in P.M. 26. Fertilized R[uth]'s tomatoes. Reid & Joe fertilized my tomatoes.
March 10
Took a load for Edgecomb, 23. Worked at R[uth]'s tomatoes rest of the day. Reid & Joe fertilized & scuffled peppers & picked pines. Took Sundy's bull back to Long's. [Sundy is John Shaw Sundy, later the first mayor of Delray]
March 11
Worked some more on tomatoes. Picked and packed rest of pines, 27 crates.

March 12

Finished tomatoes. Took a load of grass over river & brot [brought] 15 crates tomatoes, Anderson's first. Reid over west.

March 13

Fertilized R[uth]'s young tomatoes. R[eid] & J[oe] for themselves hauling up wood, etc.
March 14
Prof. Rehbinder [Rhebinder] left. Read, wrote & chored. Wrote to Days. [Rhebinder was the first school teacher at the Boca Raton school.]
March 15
Chored & trimmed trees in A.M. Took load of grass over the river in P.M. Reid here in P.M. Joe not at all. Rained towards night.
March 16
Reid & Joe began building a shack near old one at canal. Picked beans the first--8 baskets. Edgecomb picked them.
March 17
Joe & I got [palm] fans near Sunset Hill. Gathered cabbages & big load--all that was any good. Took a load of grass over the river in P.M. & got a load of tomatoes, Anderson's, 45 crates. [Sunset Hill is approximately where today’s cemetery is located.]
March 18
Hauled & shipped Edgecomb's tomatoes 38 crates. Packed and shipped 9 crates cabbage. R[eid] & Joe worked at shack.
March 19
Reid & I cut some more [palm] fans. Picked beans. Edgecomb helped, 19 baskets. Fertilized & scuffled red cabbage.
March 20
Joe here. Picked peppers, 52 crates. Hauled 45 crates tomatoes for Wilder, 11 ripe tomatoes & 34 peppers--mine.
March 21
Shipped 93 crates tomatoes for Roberts, 18 peppers.
March 22
Reid & I got [palm] fans & finished shack. Picked the beans east of sweet potatoes, 20 bushels.
March 23
R[eid] & J[oe] fertilized my tomatoes. I hauled 100 crates for A[nderson]. Reid 7 h[ou]rs.
March 24
Unloaded crate stuff out of a car. Raulerson, Braley, & Maquire got some. Took crates & fertilizer to A[nderson] in P.M. & got 31tom[atoe]s. N[ettie] & R[uth] along.
March 25
Finished hauling crates. Got beans, 8 baskets. Rained at 11 hard. N[ettie] & R[uth] began picking their tom[atoe]s. Only Reid here.
March 26
Reid & Joe picked R[uth]'s tom[atoe]s. I hauled crates to Combs, Roberts, Thomas, & Wilder. Drew 50 crates for Wilder & Reid.
March 27
Picked last of beans on N[orth] patch & Joe pulled the vines to make room for the tomatoes. Took 2 loads of stuff to the station, 104 crates.
March 28
Took 2 more loads to station. 77 crates. Maguire here.
March 29
Picked beans, 15 baskets. Reid & Joe fertilized R[uth]'s tomatoes last time.
March 30
Hauled 100 crates for A[nderson] and 4 loads pepper from canal. R[eid] & J[oe] picked them.
March 31
Hauled 100 crates again for A[nderson] & took 97 crates of peppers to station in one load. R[eid] & Joe picked tomatoes for Ruth.
April 1
Joe picked tomatoes. I got muck for huckleberry plants, etc. Took a load to station for Combs, 43. Rained hard after 3.
April 2
Finished tomatoes after noon. Scuffled peppers. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning].
April 3
Scuffled peppers. Pruned tomatoes. Hauled. Only Joe here the last 3 days.
April 4
Fixed up 5 bus[hels] onions to go to Miami. Wrote to Geo[rge], Harry, etc. [Harry is Frank Chesebro’s son.]
Harry Chesebro sold his carved coconut heads to area tourists,
ca. 1910s.
April 5
Got some muck and dug holes near road for some Parkinsonia [blue palo verde]. Set 4 loads out of car of crate stuff. Worked till midnight.
April 6
Unloaded more crate stuff. Joe & another fellow picked for Ruth. Over to Anderson's, got 1 load. Drew up tomatoes after dark.
April 7
Drew 3 loads for A[nderson], 150 crates. Drew 2 loads from canal after dark.
April 8
Hauled from canal & to station & for Anderson, 2 loads. Roberts helped 2 days. 2 days picking Ruth's. Jimmy, Eljah helping.
April 9
Hauled for Combs & Ruth. Fertilized my tomatoes. Shipped onions to Miami. Got rest of crate stuff.
April 10
Hauled for Roberts & Ruth. Unloaded car of fertilizer in P.M. Joe & I. Joe, Jimmy & Smith bedded up my tomatoes in A.M. Rained at noon & the 2 darkies quit. To D[eerfield} in eve[ning].
April 11
More rain at 10 or 11 & kept it up most of day. Carter & A. Mr. & Mrs. Denny came up from M[iami] in an auto. Ruth went back with them & home on evening train.

The Chesebro farm was located
adjacent the all important FEC

railway tracks. In this photo a train
can be seen passing by the house
ca. 1910s.

April 12
Topped onions. Geo[rge] came at noon & pulled some. I am half sick. [The nearest doctor was in Delray at the time.]
April 13
Topped & shipped onions from B[oca] R[aton] & D[eerfield]. Then picked peppers in P.M. Rained some yesterday and today.
April 14
Rained all day. No one came. Hauled up peppers & a load of tomatoes for E[dgecomb]. Sent 65 peppers.
April 15
No rain but everything soaked. Picked rest of peppers & hauled a load for Roberts & Combs. Roberts & Jimmy helped. They fertilized Ruth's young patch. Reid & Joe for themselves.
April 16
Hauled. Took crates over for Anderson & Reid, but met them & they turned me back to packing house in D[eerfield]. Too much water over there. Have picked the last. Roberts & Jimmy picking Ruth's. Worms bad.
April 17
Geo[rge] & Jim & Roberts worked. Hauled for E[dgecomb] & Combs & drew up tomatoes & onions.
April 18
Read & chored. Over to beach.
April 19
Shipped R[uth]'s tomatoes, 2 loads. Topped onions. Jim, Geo[rge] & Josh here toted out shed, off of pines
Maude Johnson of Deerfield and an unidentified male pose with Ruth Chesebro ca. 1910s.
April 20
Joe, Geo[rge] & Jim here. Josh for E[dgecomb]. All worked at onions.
April 21
Same gang as yesterday. Got off 50 bus[hels] of onions to FEC [Florida East Coast Railway] Commissary, Marathon, Fla. Began picking R[uth]'s tomatoes again. Gathered the red cabbage. 1 load.
April 22
Hauled onions, tomatoes, cabbage, etc. Joe, Geo[rge], Jim, & Josh here.
April 23
All here. Fertilized my tomatoes. Pulled onions, etc. Hauled for Roberts, Combs, etc.
April 24
24, Hauled 2 loads to station in morn[ing]. Blowed Bordeaux [organic pesticide] on my tomatoes in morn[ing]. Picked peppers, got in onions, etc.
April 25
Picked peppers most of day.
April 26
Got off 600# [pounds] onions to Miami. Pulled onions. Rained in P.M.
April 27
Dried the onions & hauled up 8 loads in P.M. Joe not here. Men fertilized pines in A.M.
April 28
Men fertilized rest of pines. Then we all worked at onions--25 sacks to Miami.
April 29
Mr. Purdom came to work. Got off onions to Romph [?] & Hughes & 1 sack to Braddock & Bryan. Pulled & drew in morn[ing].
April 30
Picked tomatoes R[uth]'s and mine. Pulled Red Bermudas [onions], etc.
May 1
Fer[tilized] R[uth]'s little tomatoes. Darkies scuffled pines. Windy. Hauled 3 loads to station. 140 crates.
May 2
Chored & wrote a little. Fussed with sick calf. Poisoned with Paris Green.
May 3
Got crates of Raulerson. Took a load of onions to D[eerfield] for Combs. Men fertilized & scuffled.
May 4
Up at 4 to fertilize young pines. Done 5 acres. Purdom came at 5& blowed tomatoes, mine & R[uth]'s. Drew a load to station for Edgecomb. [Blowed tomatoes - probably applied pesticide with a hand sprayer.]
May 5
Purdom not here. We sent off 600# onions. Men scuffled young pines.
May 6
Worked at onions. Men scuffled in A.M. Put onions out of shack in P.M. to dry.
May 7
Purdom on again. He & Geo[rge] & Jimmie picked peppers. I hauled tomatoes, peppers, etc. Jack picked up onions again in P.M. & we finished & set them in shack after dark. 150 baskets.
May 8
Men picked tomatoes most of day. We put up the peppers & hauled tomatoes. The last for Combs. Calf can't stand yet. Had him slung up all night. Josh quit.
May 9
Packed tomatoes. Long's folks here.
May 10
Purdom & Roberts picked rest of tomatoes in A.M. Joe, Jimmie, Geo[rge] & Roberts scuffled pines. We packed tomatoes. 55 crates of Ruth's.
May 11,
Packed tomatoes. 82 crates of mine. Roberts helped again.
May 12,
Joe, Geo[rge], & Jimmie scuffled. Let Jimmie go at night, too slow. Worked at onions. Sent a barrel to Dania & 2 sacks to Lantana. Thunder storm at night.
May 13
Worked at onions. Joe & Geo[rge] helped & scuffled. Calf stood up, first in 2 weeks. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning], N[ettie] & R[uth] along.
May 14
Put onions out of big shack again to dry. Topped. Got a load of tomatoes for Mose Brown. Reid here.
May 15
N[ettie] & R[uth] & Mr. Purdom topped onions. Reid & Geo[rge] done scuffling. Picked up onions. I hauled tomatoes for Edgecomb & took fertilizer to Braleys & took 74 crates tomatoes to D[eerfield] for Maguire and Raulerson.
May 16
Took 37 crates of E[dgecomb]'s tomatoes to station. To Longs in eve[ning] to hear new phonograph. [The Long’s home was located on what is now South Dixie Highway and Palmetto Park Road at the time.]

   The George Long house was 
   located south of Palmetto Park Road 
   just east of Dixie. It was well equipped
   with a piano, library, and other luxuries.

May 17
Reid & Geo[rge] here. Picked tomatoes. Ruth's & half of mine. Hauled 2 loads
for Raulerson from canal.
May 18
Reid, Joe & Geo[rge] & Purdom here. Picked rest of tomatoes in A.M. Picked pines on Bell's, 2 h[ou]rs & rained & went home. Purdom hauled & made crates, etc. I hauled a load from canal for Raulerson & 2 to D[eerfield], 118 crates. Darkies 7 1/2 h[ou]rs.
May 19
Joe & Geo[rge] here & Purdom. Doped tomatoes. Picked pines, Bell's & mine. P[urdom] hauled. I helped with tom[atoe]s in A.M. Packed pines, etc in P.M. Rained a lot in P.M. Darkies 9 h[ou]rs.
May 20
Rainy. Geo[rge] & Purdom here. Pete Williams came in Anderson's place & worked an hour. Worked at pines & onions. Took a load & shipped from D[eerfield]. [Pete Williams is described as a “mulatto” farm worker in the 1910 Deerfield census.]
May 21
Geo[rge] & Purdom here. Picked & hauled pines to car. Chases [?] 133 crates. Wildcat got out of trap by hen coop. Got 1 or 2 hens night before.
May 22
More rain. Purdom & Roberts got crate stuff from car. Topped onions. Picked peppers in P.M. Geo[rge] here. Mosquitos bad.
May 23
Worked at peppers. Purdom helped. Took Edgecomb's tomatoes to station. 56 crates & P[urdom] got a load for Raulerson from the prairie, 39 crates. Sent 36 crates pepper to Chicago.
May 24
Finished up peppers, 17 crates. Tom Jackson here & he, Geo[rge] & Roberts picked pines. Purdom hauled, etc. To D[eerfield] after 5.
May 25
Picked pines same as yesterday. 132 in 2nd car to Chase. Last day for Roberts. Edgecomb had 29 crates tom[atoe]s & Combs had some tomatoes & peppers.
May 26
Edgecomb, Jackson & Geo[rge] here & Purdom. Finished my pines & went on Harry's.
May 27
All here but Purdom. Dellagal [Delegal?] came. Picked tomatoes & got off 146 pines in 3rd car to Chase.
May 28
All here & Mrs. Edgecomb & packed tomatoes on stoop. Got off 100 pines in 4th car.
May 29
All here & finished Harry's & got over half way on girls. Very ripe. Packed 90 & chored some.
May 30
Packed 80 crates. Rained.
May 31
Packed 63 crates & got off 221 in car. Sent 6 bus[hels] onions to Stranahan. Toothache. [Frank Stranahan operated a store in Fort Lauderdale.]
June 1
Sent 115 sacks ripe pines to canning factory. Packed 50 crates.
June 2
Packed 109 crates, Jacks. Mostly 30s & 36s. Laid the 42s aside. 159 crates in car. Reid, Geo[rge], Jackson & Mr. Purdom here.
June 3
Purdom not here. Eula sick. Geo[rge], Reid & Jackson picked rest of Jack's pines & my tomatoes. Last time I guess. Sent 33 crates pines to New York. Freight & Clyde. [Eula was one of Purdom’s daughters; she later married Charlie Raulerson, Burt Raulerson’s nephew.]
June 4
Reid, Jackson & Geo[rge] here. Got off 45 crates to Heyser. Mostly small. Sent 30 sacks ripe to canning factory. Picked Bell's and began on mine again. Got off 22 crates tomatoes, the last. Hauled a load 50, for darkies beyond Hurricane Hill. [Hurricane Hill probably refers to what the pioneers called “the hill,” the top of the ridge on Palmetto Park Road at about Northwest Fourth Avenue.]
June 5
All here. Picked mine under shed. Picked peppers in P.M. Put 61 in car for Chase. Purdom got a load from Big Jones.
June 6
Packed peppers. Hauled up 2 loads & sent 36 crates at night to N.Y.
June 7
Picked & packed pines. All here & Ed Smith also.
June 8
All here. Picked & packed pines. Got off 130 crates in car for Chase. Ed Smith fertilizing & scuffling orange trees.
June 9
All here 6. Rained & put up a lot of ripes. Last day for Ed Smith. Picked on Harry's.
June 10
Picked & packed & sent 88 crates to Porcher. Picked girls patch.
June 11
Same as yesterday, 71 crates to Porcher. Picked Jack's - small Let Reid or Geo[rge] Smith go.
June 12
Edgecomb, Jackson & Purdom here. Shipped 61 crates to Porcher. Hoed bananas. Got creole onions. Cleaned stable, etc.

   Pioneer Harley Gates,
   who came to Boca Raton
   in 1913, shows off 
   his banana crop.

June 13
Up to Long's in P.M. & changed records. Maguires here in eve[ning].
June 14
Got off Jack's pines to D[eerfield] twice. Wrote to Esther. E[dgecomb] J[ackson] & Purdom clearing off Irish potato ground. [Esther was Frank Chesebro’s daughter, probably away at school at the time.]
June 15
Chored in P.M. Men finished Irish potatoes. I plowed ground in P.M. They weeded, fer[tilized] bananas.
June 16
Unloaded half a car of pineapple crates. Plowed & dragged in P.M
June 17
Dragged & set out sweet potato plants. Too hot & most of them died.
June 18
Set out some bananas & picked peppers.
June 19
Men & I packed the peppers, 48 small crates & 4 big ones.
June 20
Over to Sunset Hill with Purdom. Helped Ruth pack trunk, etc.
June 21
Ruth started in morn[ing] for South Haven. We picked & packed pines. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning] on wheel.
June 22
Returned 150 crates I borrowed of Saxon. Edgecomb got his ripes & put in our car for canning factory. Worked at pines rest of day. Shipped 53 crates to N.Y.
June 23
Worked at pines. Sent 35 crates.
June 24
Only the 2 darkies here. Finished pine & got off 66 crates. Set out some bananas in P.M.
June 25
Purdom & darkies here. Set bananas & sweet pota[toes].
June 26
Hauled old house for P[urdom] from Sunset Hill to little house west of depot. E[dgecomb] had team in P.M. to haul wood. Jackson dug holes in hen yard for mulberry trees. Chored.
June 27
Maguire shot a wildcat. Up to Braleys in P.M.
June 28
Purdom fixing up his old house. Got muck for mulberry trees & got the trees of Long & set them out.
June 29
Dug some dwarf Cavendish [banana] plants on Rickard's & set them out, 2 rows. Plowed part of old sweet potato patch.
June 30
Plowed & dragged a piece near Jap cane for Pearl Millet--5 rows, Sorghum--2 rows, Soja [soy] beans--6 rows, Kaffir corn--5 rows, Sorghum Livingston [?]--5 rows, Velvet Beans--4 rows. [Japanese sugar cane is a forage crop.]
July 1
Went to Delray. Men weeded a piece for Para Grass. [Palm Beach officially becomes a county.]
July 2
Plowed, etc. for Para Grass
July 3
Planted Para Grass. Rains most every day & all night.
July 4
Read, chored, wrote to Lib, etc. [Libby was Frank Chesebro’s sister.]
July 5
Edgecomb & Tom White here. Picked pines. To Raulersons in eve[ning].
July 6
Picked & packed pines.

   This photo from the
   Chesebro collection
   shows the farm workers
   taking a “dinner” break
   ca. 1910s.

July 7
Done picking at noon. Men began fertilizing.
July 8
Got off rest of pines & drew fertilizer. E[dgecomb] & White put it on.
July 9
Drew rest of fertilizer. Men rained off after 1. Old cow sick. Ate poison weed, I guess.
July 10
Men done fertilizing at noon all but young pines. To canal in P.M. Set out carissas, Date Palms, etc. Rained.
July 11
Figured out bills of lumber for house & packing house. Still rainy.
July 12
Purdom & white here. Fertilized bananas & melons. Planted velvet beans. Picked peppers for seed, 4 baskets. Got 1 lb. Lost 2 h[ou]rs from rain.
July 13
Roberts back. Got some more sweet potato vines but didn't set them. Scuffled pines. Edgecomb getting his pines.
July 14
Edgecomb here again. Scuffled & pulled suckers. [The sucker is an offshoot of the pineapple which can be replanted.]
July 15
Roberts came on to work. Pulled & hauled suckers to car, 3 loads, 1000 & over to load. Purdom came out at 2 P.M.
July 16
Hauled 2 loads suckers, 5540 so far. Scuffled rest of mine. P[urdom] home yet.
July 17
Pulled & hauled suckers, 2 loads. Men scuffled in P.M. Loads of suckers: 1000, 1000, 1140,1150, 1240, 1160, 1100, 1100, 1270, 1200, 1380, 1350.
July 18
Went to beach in P.M. Maguires along. Mr. & Mrs. Tasker & some other Delray folks there. [A young couple named Tasker (T. and wife Eva) are listed in the 1910 Deerfield census; his occupation is fruit packer.]

   Harry Chesebro
   poses with a young
   woman named
   Clara Muhle next to
   a large chunk of
   driftwood on Boca
beach, 1916.

July 19
Scuffled. Pulled & hauled suckers.
July 20
Same as yesterday.
July 21
Scuffled girls & Jack's. Got a load of hay from Saxon, 1 ton.
July 22
Fertilized & scuffled young pines.
July 23
Same as yesterday.
July 24
Same. Rained in P.M. Sorted onions.
July 25
July 26
Planted sweet potato patch the 3rd time. Cloudy & rained in might.
July 27
Scuffled young pines. Planted eggplant in boxes, 9 boxes Fla. High Bush, 9 boxes NY Imp[roved]. [Varieties of eggplant]
July 28
Put on last of fertilizer on young pines & scuffled.
July 29
Finished scuffling. To canal & hoed young bananas and fodder stuff.
July 30
2 1/2 miles below D[eerfield] & dragged 2 1/2 acres for Jackson on McCormick place. Men cutting out suckers & slips in old patch of pines.
July 31
Men the same as yesterday. I am about sick. Chored a little.
Aug 1
Up to Braleys. Wrote to Jack.
Aug 2
Purdom & E[dgecomb] pulled suckers. P[urdom] drew 2 loads for Maguire. Down to see Combs. They came back Sat[urday].
Aug 3
Men same as yesterday. Roberts came in P.M. I drew 2 loads suckers for Maguire.
Aug 4
R[oberts] & I planted more eggplant. P[urdom] & E[dgecomb] at suckers. Done on mine. Began on Jack's.
Aug 5
Planted more eggplant, 60 boxes small. 1/2 lbs seed does about 50 boxes. N. & I went to Pompano & got horse feed of Slaughter & Smoak for the amount they owed me for onions. [Samuel H. Slaughter and Lewis R. Smoak were Pompano pioneers.]
Aug 6
Men got out pineapple shed boards & drew out by rock road. I pulled nails, etc.
Aug 7
Same as yesterday. Edgecomb set out some Peruvian beans W[est] of house.
Aug 8
To Longs in P.M. to hear new records. Maguires here in eve[ning].
Aug 9
Jackson came again. He & E[dgecomb] knocked slips [cuttings or suckers] off Harry's etc. P[urdom] & R[oberts] knocked down shed. Roberts gave out at noon.
Aug 10
E[dgecomb] finished slips. Then all worked at shed. Roberts home. I pulled nails. Jackson 2/3 of day.
Aug 11
P[urdom], E[dgecomb] & J[ackson] finished shed and pulled suckers on Bell's, 1/2 day.
Aug 12
All here. Drew out suckers on mine. Got a load of rock at canal in P.M. I pulled nails at odd times. N[ettie] & I & Maguires went after cocoanuts on Rickard's old place in P.M. Got 35 or 36.
A Seminole man stands in a dugout
on the FEC canal ca. 1910s. The
waterways provided their main
system of transport from camps
located at various sites in Broward
and Palm Beach County.
Aug 13
Roberts & Jackson weeded off at canal for eggplant. P[urdom] & E[dgecomb] drew suckers, etc.
Aug 14
Same as yesterday. P[urdom] & E[dgecomb] finished suckers & got 2 loads of rock. I finished pulling nails.
Aug 15
Read, wrote & chored. Wrote to Esther.
Aug 16
Went to Miami to see about onions, horse epidemic, lawyer Price, etc. Left D[eerfield] at 5 A.M. Back at 8, Men weeded & scuffled.
Aug 17
Same as yesterday the work here. Got grass & fixed up stable, etc. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning].
Aug 18
Rained hard in morn[ing] & till 8 or 9 o'clock. Purdom didn't come. Darkies came in P.M. Got plank off of walk across slough east side of canal.
Aug 19
R[oberts] scuffled pines & men weeded in A.M. All transplanted eggplant in P.M. Rainy.
Aug 20
Car of lumber came. P[urdom] & I unloaded half of it. Men weeding for themselves.
Aug 21
Unloaded rest of lumber. Siding, ceiling, flooring & sheathing.
Aug 22
Read & chored. N[ettie] made cocoanut pies, etc. Had a ceriman. [ceriman=monstera deliciosa]
Aug 23
Jackson & Purdom picked pines. I packed & drew in.
Aug 24
Jackson & Purdom picked pines. I packed & drew in.
Aug 25
Shipped 39 crates pines to McCormick & Hobbs & 2 to Massa. Set out eggplants in P.M. in transplant bed.
Aug 26,
Unloaded lumber, framing stuff.
Aug 27
To Miami in morn[ing] & back on wheel. Left at 11:30. In Deerfield at 5. Purdom unloaded rest of lumber & scuffled. Saw lawyer Price for Jackson. [Chesebro probably went by train, i.e. the Florida East Coast Railway, to Miami and returned via bicycle, or wheel. He left Miami at 11:30 and got to Deerfield by 5PM. At the time he was fifty-eight years old and he would have been riding in the heat of the day in August.]
Aug 28
Purdom scuffled. I unloaded sash doors, window frames, nails, etc. Chored.
Aug 29
Rained more or less all day. Maguires here most of A.M. Some eggplant at canal underwater. Saw Carson.
Aug 30
Combs came & we started on packing house. Laid sills. Men set out eggplants in transplant beds. [Chesebro’s packinghouse was located by the Florida East Coast tracks (Dixie Highway) near his property, at about Camino Real.]

    Chesebro’s packinghouse,
    adjacent the railroad tracks,
    was constructed in 1909.

Aug 31
Same as yesterday. Combs & I framed Joists, etc.
Sept 1
C[ombs] had a boy at his house & didn't come. I cut rafters. Purdom home. Roberts hauled slips at D[eerfield] for Hopkins. [James H. Hopkins farmer originally from
Sept 2
Same as yesterday. Maguires moved to beach in eve[ning]. Purdom scuffled pines.
Sept 3
Plowed some for eggplant & planted pepper seed bed. Jackson hauled rest of Hopkin's slips.
Sept 4
Purdom, Anderson & I worked on packing house.
Sept 5
Read & wrote to C [Clare?] & got feed, etc. from canal.
Sept 6
Combs came & we began on house. Anderson & I on packing house. [Chesebro began construction on a major addition to his ca. 1904 house at this time.]
This image shows both Chesebro’s
first and second farmhouse, the
latter built in 1909.
Sept 7
Combs quit. Mad about something. Anderson, Purdom & Artefe [?] here. Put up frame of house.
Sept 8
Same as yesterday. P[urdom] & I on house. Darkies on packing house.
Sept 9
Put up rafters on packing house, 62 2 x 6, 20 ft. long. I fell 7 ft.
Sept 10
Frank Blackwelder came to help. He & P[urdom] on house. Anderson & I on packing house. Artefe gave out. [Rubin Blackwelder and Frank Blackwell were both listed in the 1910 Deerfield census as white farm laborers. Perhaps Chesebro had the names confused.]
Sept 11
Same as yesterday. All putting on siding. Rained hard in night.
Sept 12
Wrote to Esther. M & J[ack?]16 pages. More rain.
Sept 13
Anderson, Reid & I on packing house.
Sept 14
Same as yesterday.
Sept 15
Same, Men at canal planted more pepper seed.
Sept 16
A[nderson] took Mrs. A to St. Augustine. Reid & Walter here & James, Roberts began work. Set out eggplant. Wet.
Sept 17
Unloaded car of fertilizer, 10 ton. Put it in shed. Reid & James picked pines. Set out more eggplant.
Sept 18
Rained most of day. Sent off 12 crates pines, 5 to Massa, 7 to Zipperer. Rained most all night.
Sept 19
Still raining hard. Read & went to canal twice.
Sept 20
Rained in morn[ing]. Purdom 6 1/2 h[ou]rs. Anderson same. James 5 1/2, Blackwelder came at noon.
Sept 21
B[lackwelder] came in morning & got his tools. Said there were too many n[------] on the job. Guess Combs has been at him. Picked rest of pines & shipped them, 8 crates. Hired Raulerson to help.We put on roof board on house. [An early documentation of racial prejudice in what was essentially a small southern town.]
Sept 22
Put on rest of roof boards & some siding on packing house. Purdom, Raulerson, & A[nderson] at it. James fertilizing eggplant.
Sept 23
P[urdom], R[aulerson], A[nderson], J[ackson] & James put roofing on house. 12 rolls.
Sept 24
Rained most of day. All here but Raulerson & we put floor on house.
Sept 25
P[urdom] & James laid upper floor in house. A[nderson] & J[ames] & I put rest of siding on packing house & began roof boards.
Sept 26
Rained in night & more or less all day. Plenty of water at canal.
Sept 27
Put roof boards on packing house. A[nderson], J[ames], Jim & I[?]. Purdom on house.
Sept 28
Same as yesterday. Roberts & Edgecomb planted peppers & eggplant by cow shack at canal. P[urdom], Jim & I went to beach after 4. Nofish. Rough.

    Harry Chesebro sits by the
    family “shack” near the East 
   Coast Canal ca. 1910s, possibly 
   the cow shack mentioned in the diary.

Sept 29
Finished roof boards. Rainy towards night.
Sept 30
Rained all night & most all day. We ceiled [installed the ceiling] in house Purdom, A[nderson] Jim & Jackson.
Oct 1
Drew pineapple fertilizer from car and P[urdom], A[nderson], J[im], & James put it on. A[nderson] , James & I went to beach after 3 & got a lot of fish. Rained in A.M. Water standing in road in the spruce pine.
Oct 2
Finished fertilizing old pines at noon. Scuffled in P.M. Mr. Long & Mr. Wester here.
Oct 3
Purdom went fishing in morning & lost cast net in ocean. Read & wrote.
Oct 4
P[urdom] & R[aulerson] on house. A[nderson] & I on packing house. E[dgecomb], R[oberts], James & Jackson transplanted some eggplant at canal.
Oct 5
P[urdom] & R[aulerson] on house. A[nderson], J[ackson], Jim & I put roof on packing house. Roberts scuffled pines.
Oct 6
P[urdom] & R[aulerson] had company. We put on rest of roof, scuffled.
Oct 7
Rainy & we laid floor in packing house, A[nderson], J[ackson], R[oberts] & Jim.
Oct 8
Laid rest of lower floor & fertilized & worked trees in grove. N[ettie] & I to D[eerfield].
Oct 9
Finished trees & fertilized & scuffled young pines. All hands & Purdom.
Oct 10
Read & wrote & talked. Letter from Mr. Collingswood.
Oct 11
Rained about all day & blowed in P.M. Purdom, Jim, & I worked on house. Great storm at Key West. [Fifteen people died in the Keys as a result of this hurricane.]
Oct 12
A[nderson], Jim & I on house. E[dgecomb] and J[ackson] scuffled pines after 9. Roberts in P.M. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning].
Oct 13
Mr. Hill came to help on house. P[urdom] and darkies scuffled pines. P[urdom] went home in P.M. I fertilized rest of pines.
Oct 14
Hill & I on house. A[nderson], J[ackson], & E[dgecomb] in pines. Roberts & Jim planted more seed. Mr. Maguire here in eve[ning].
Oct 15
Hill & I on house. Rest in pines & at canal, Purdom, J[ackson], E[dgecomb], A[nderson], Jim & R[oberts].
Oct 16
To Delray & got horses shod & a load of lumber. Plenty of water in road. Hill on house along. Roberts planted cassava on Jack's. E[dgecomb], J[ackson] & Jim cut road to lake. [Lake refers to Lake Boca Raton. This would have been approximately at today’s Camino Real.]
Oct 17
Read & wrote to Jack, etc.
Oct 18
All worked but E[dgecomb] & P[urdom]. Roberts half a day. Started on piazzi [piazza; meaning the house porch.].
Oct 19
All here but E[dgecomb], R[oberts], J[ackson]. Jim weeding off at canal.
Oct 20
Went to Delray for more lumber. Back at 2. E[dgecomb] & J[ackson] half a day. R[oberts] & Jim all day.
Oct 21
Hill, Purdom, Anderson, Jim & I on house. Rest for themselves. A[nderson] idol. [idle]
Oct 22
Fixed stairs in old house & laid floor upstairs. Tore out old floor. Roberts plowed for beans.
Oct 23
Same as yesterday. Finished floor in old house & began in packing house upper floor.
Oct 24
Warm & quiet. To Longs in P.M.
Oct 25
Planted peppers & garden. Hill & Purdom here.
Oct 26
Hill here. To Miami on wheel. Started at 7:30 got there 12:30. Home on train. Jim & A[nderson] bedded up eggplant. [On this trip, Chesebro road to Miami on his bicycle and returned via the train.]
Oct 27
H[ill] & P[urdom] here. H[ill] done, took tools home at night. Planted eggplant, cabbage & pole beans.
Oct 28
Set out some eggplant, laid floor in shop. A[nderson], Jim & I.Rained at night.
Oct 29
Rainy. A[nderson] came at noon. Finished piazzi roof. Made stairs in shop.
Oct 30
Laid floor in shop. Used all flooring. Jim plowed some niddles [nettles] for E[dgecomb] & got para grass.
Oct 31
Read & wrote a little. N[ettie] & I to canal.
Nov 1
Began painting. A[nderson] & Jim chored & weeded at canal.
Nov 2
Nov 3
Same. Plowed for onions.
Nov 4
A[nderson] sent 2 n[------] to clear off for beans next to Para grass. Started a fire & burned shack & 15000 lath[?], etc.
Nov 5
Painted. Plowed & dragged onion ground. Jim clipped King. [King was Chesebro’s horse, purchased for $150 in Miami in November of 1908.]
Esther Chesebro
with one
her father’s
horses ca. 1910s.
Nov 6
Painted. Planted onions in P.M. Jim raked ground. Anderson planted beans S[outh] of bananas.
Nov 7
Letter from E[sther]. Talked, read & wrote to R[uth].
Nov 8
Planted more onions & painted.
Nov 9
Painted & planted peppers & tomatoes by calf shack.
Nov 10
To Delray for a little more lumber & to get plow fixed. Jim & Jackson weeded on Lewis place. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning] at a pineapple meeting of the citrus exchange. Mr. Goodwin & Mr. Rose talked. I joined.
Nov 11
Painted & put plow together. Plowed some in P.M. Jim & J[ackson] weeded & burned weeds. A strong E[ast] wind for over a week. Hard on beans.
Nov 12
Plowed on Lewis piece & for Combs, 1/2 acre. Painted.
Nov 13
Painted most of old house once over. Jim worked in packing house & got load of cement blocks & bricks from station.
Nov 12
N[ettie] & I to beach. Found Climax [one of the animals?] dead. Guess he died Wed[nesday] or Thurs[day].
Nov 15
Got rest of brick from station. Fertilized & hoed onions.
Nov 16
Mr. Kennedy came from Miami to build fireplace & chimney. Anderson here & helped Jim at onions.
Nov 17
Finished chimney & put up terra cotta chimney on old house & set up range.
Nov 18
Jim dragged onion ground at canal & I planted creole onions, 14 oz. A[nderson] plowed for more beans, S[outh] of bananas. Hoed & fertilized seed bed peppers & eggplant. Rainy.
Nov 19
Jim plowed & dragged some for Combs. Done at 2. Began painting packing house.
Nov 20
Painted. Jim took down staging from chimney. Picked ripe pineapples.
Nov 21
Purdom & Hills' folks here. Doped onions for cut worms. Pulled snake grass. [Snake grass is an ornamental grass also known as horsetail, known for its intrusive qualities.]
Nov 22
Painted. Mr. Tasker made mantel. Jim got rest of pines. Raulerson had King 2 days.
Nov 23
Painted. Shipped pines, 9 crates. Tasker made shop doors. Cut his thumb bad. Jim cleared out ditch.
Nov 24
Painted. Men plowed at canal. Jim helped on packing house.
Nov 25
Jim & I painted & put props under peak of roof & got out the sag in roof.
Nov 26
Finished painting packing house. Sand rest of floor, etc.
Nov 27
Painted stoop & posts. Men set out peppers at canal.
Nov 28
Moved organ desk [desk that looks like a pump organ] etc. in new house.
Nov 29
Painted porch 2nd time. Tasker came again. We hung shop door. Jim plowed for Anderson.
Nov 30
Jim plowed for A[nderson] again. Tasker & I put windows in shop.
Dec 1
Tasker worked at windows. I helped & Jim & I unloaded part of a car of pineapple crates. To D[eerfield] in eve[ning].
Dec 2
Finished unloading crates, 2000. Finished windows in shop. Began partition in old house. Tasker done & to help Long.
Dec 3
Done partition. Jim at canal doing bananas & carissas.
Dec 4
Folks came at 5 A.M., 10 of them. Allen, Jennie, Mit, Mattie, Maud, Clare, Josephine, Sutter, Mrs. S., Stanley Barlow. Got trunks 10. Talked & to canal. Jim weeded & made seed bed. [Clare and Mattie were Frank’s brother and sister in law who resided in Michigan. Allen is Frank’s son who remained in Michigan to care for the family farm and resort; his wife is Jennie. The Sutters were family friends from Michigan.]
Dec 5
Talked & A[nderson] half a day. Went to canal in A.M. & lake in P.M. Too scared to go to the beach.
Dec 6
Jim plowed for Anderson. We put down a well at packing house for Sutter. Martha, Josephine, Jennie, boy and I to beach.
Dec 7
Mit & boys weeded onions. Mattie, Mrs. S[tanley] & I to D[eerfield]. Josephine began operations near cow shack at canal. Jim plowed for Anderson on Lewis place.
Dec 8
Mit & boys weeded. Plowed for Sutter.
Dec 9
Mit & boys weeded. Plowed for Allen. Transplanted tomatoes.
Dec 10
Done weeding. Plowed for Mit near bananas. S[utter], Josephine & A[nderson] planted beans.
Dec 11
Mit planted beans. Transplanted more tomatoes. A[nderson] sick at night.
Dec 12
Mit, Mattie, Maud, Sutter & the boys to the beach. Cow had her calf.
Dec 13
Rainy. Boys ceiled pantry. chored. Mit, A[nderson] & I across canal in P.M. Jim plowed for Roberts.
Dec 14
Mit & I to Delray. Jim finished pines. Boys at pantry.
Dec 15
Packed pines, 15 crates. Jim plowed for Roberts. Mit, A[nderson] & I transplanted some tomatoes.
Dec 16
Shipped pines to Fl[orid]a Citrus Exchange. Jim plowed for Anderson in A.M. & for Combs in P.M. Mit, A[nderson] & I fertilized & hoed onions.

     An unidentified worker stands
     with crates of pineapples
     ca.1905-1915. The label
     shown at center is unfortunately

Dec 17
Same as yesterday. Finished onions. Set out cabbage, etc. in pot hole[?] Stanley at pantry alone. Anderson setting peppers. Roberts picked 15 baskets beans. Mrs. Maguire here.
Dec 18
Jim dragged for Combs. Planted seed bed in hammock by lake. Mit & A[nderson] weeded off & we transplanted more tomatoes. Jackson picked 9 baskets wax beans.
Dec 19
Jennie, Mattie, Maud & boys to beach. Mit, A[nderson] & I to Longs & Braleys & over river & to canal & got Braley's boat.
This scenic view
shows a boathouse
opposite Rickards’
landing on the
East Coast Canal
ca. 1910s.
Dec 20
Jim plowed for Jackson & we chored. A[nderson] fixed wheel, etc.
Dec 21
Jim done for J[ackson] & plowed for Mit--bean ground. Mit ceiled overhead in kitchen. Sutter planted more beans.
Dec 22
Jim plowed for Edgecomb. Mit & A[nderson] & Josephine planted more beans.
Dec 23
Jim for E[dgecomb]. I chored, planted garden. Rest weeded off & A[nderson] Jennie, Mit, Josephine & I to beach after 3. Cool spell. 50[degrees] & 48 two
Dec 24
Mit & A[nderson] began weeding across canal. Jim plowed for J[ackson] & E[dgecomb]. I plowed for Combs in P.M. 9 of us to Baptist C[hurch] tree in eve[ning]. [Likely at the Baptist church in Deerfield.]
Dec 25
I plowed & dragged. Mit & rest across canal. Got cold at night.
Dec 26
Cold N[orth]W[est] wind most of day. Covered truck in P.M. & fired in groves. About 38[degrees] at house & 29 at canal. [Chesebro covered the vegetables in his truck garden and lit smudge pots to prevent frost damage.]
Dec 27
28 [degrees] in morn[ing] at house, 22 at canal. Some stuff hurt a little, some not at all. Pines hurt some, the outer leaves. Weeded across canal. Jim plowed on Lewis piece.
Dec 28
Jim plowed for Anderson & Edgecomb. Boys across canal. I made a garden plot, etc. Wind back in S[outh[W[est].
Dec 29
Jim plowed & dragged for S[utter] way south. Colder again. Covered & fired in grove.
Dec 30
31 [degrees] in morn[ing]. Jim plowed for Allen for tomatoes. Boys over canal. Still cold. Covered more & used fire pots in grove.
Dec 31
33 [degrees] in morn[ing]. Jim dragged for A[nderson]. I helped A[nderson] weed off over canal. Cool during day but wind changed. Down to 43 in eve[ning]. Up to 45 at 9 & stayed there till morn[ing]. Worst & longest cold spell we ever had.
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